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Hanji Ceiling Lamp / Moon Rise

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Hanji Ceiling Lamp / Moon Rise

│ Description │
It is a ceiling lamp embodying the concept, "The Moon Rises." Its main design component is a Korean character "Moon" which means the Moon. The lampshade is made of several layers of traditional Korean rice paper Hanji. It filters the light allowing soft illumination in a space. An individual character, "Moon" turns into a three-dimensional paper chandelier as you assemble it. The flame resisting the lampshade also makes it solid.

│ Function │
Ceiling Lamp

│ Feature │
Korean character "Moon" made with Hanji is assembled and makes a chandelier shape creating magical atmosphere in a room.

│ Specification │

  • Size: 165 x 295 x 152mm (Package: 310 x 350 x 20mm)
  • Weight: 219g (Package: 402g) Material: Traditional Korean Paper
  • Color: White
Product Detail Image

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