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Smart Pot Vase

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Smart Pot Vase

│ Description │
This is a small vase for a flower or other small plants. It has the miniature wood pot made of natural wood and a glass tube is attached to it. As a magnet is embedded in the small wood pot, you can put it on any steel surfaces like a fridge door. A small piece of nature brought by this small vase will brighten up any space. It can also function perfectly as a diffuser by putting aroma oil and sticks inside the glass tube.

│ Function │
Mini vase, diffuser

│ Feature │
Adorable miniature vase with eco-friendly touch. It can be used not only as a vase but also as a diffuser.

│ Specification │

  • Size: 38 x 100 x 33mm (Package: 43 x 115 x 33mm)
  • Weight: 26g (Package: 41g) Material: Wood, Magnet, Tube
  • Color: Sapele, Beech, Purpleheart
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