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3D Sticky Notes

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3D Sticky Notes

│ Description │
he design motif of the 3D Sticky Notes is based on the paper folding. When the 3D Sticky Notes are folded a few times, they can be a paper crane, a paper plane, a paper boat, a folded note and a message. You can make a secret note in a folded paper and use it as an interior decoration. Our 3D Sticky Notes are currently with MoMA shop in New York.

│ Function │
Sticky notes

│ Feature │
Special sticky notes designed based on the idea of the paper folding. There are 4 types; Paper crane/Paper plane/Paper boat/Message)

│ Specification │

  • 95 x 145 x 5mm (Package: 95 x 145 x 5mm)
  • Weight: 10g (Package: 14g) Material: Paper
  • Color: Pink, Sky-Blue, Green, Purple
Product Detail Image

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